Just upgraded xz0.org to Mastodon 2.7.0. A breeze!

I'm considering compiling a curated list of more pro-privacy alternatives to services we use daily on the internet, from instant messaging to social networking, web browsers, email etc. Does that sound useful?

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FOSS is free as in toilet

Excellent statement, absolutely true

Jack Poulson: I quit Google over its censored Chinese search engine. The company needs to clarify its position on human rights. interc.pt/2KMgvg6

I’m joining the campaign because it will take all of us to build a better web fortheweb.webfoundation.org/

✌️✌️ Fast, safe, and private internet is here. Setup the DNS Resolver in less than two minutes.

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Reminder: Privacy is a basic human right.

We believe everyone should have private access to an open web where they can express themselves, share information, and learn without being tracked, surveilled, or censored. un.org/en/universal-declaratio

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