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People who do not take measures to protect their privacy online commonly defend their choice by arguing, "I have nothing to hide."

If you know someone who subscribes to this thinking, here are three reasons to share on why this argument is flawed.

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Saying "I'm not going to read the code so it's okay if it's not free/open-source" is like saying "I don't vote so it's okay if not everyone is allowed to"

@sir I'll soon switch to Linux from macOS. As a Linux newbie, would you recommend Sway over i3 or others? I know you're biased but anyway...

@zorbash I recently revoked Location permissions from all but a few apps (Google Maps, Foursquare). I was surprised from how many Location-irrelevant apps requested Location access: Camera, Contacts, LinkedIn, Instagram, Notepad, Google Photos and more!

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Slides from yesterday's talk I gave on the Go Athens Meetup -

Just upgraded to Mastodon 2.7.0. A breeze!

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